Content From DarkSinner

Hello friend, I see that you have come to visit my website! Thank You!

I think I’ll start by saying I just want to post a lot of my daily life here but also give back something to those who visit. I’d like to intergrate my postings with leading information to possibly helpful links that could be of interest to you visitors. Like the apps I use on my phone, tablet & computer. If I like them, you may too. Especially if you are here by following me from somewhere else like a live broadcast from an app or website. I’d assume your using the same sites and apps I am and I could offer you more by allowing you to know what I use. Giving you a way to experience new things that someone else already has !

So now you might have some interest in coming back to see what is new, I can share everything here instead of posting (which I still will) to multiple platforms and social media sites. This way most of it is all in one place easy to find, see and interact with.

All that being said again welcome to, please enjoy the context and if you have something to say just contact me. Comments are welcome as well as suggestions and help requests.

Coming along so far! Slow but is growing. Suggestions welcomed!