Sideload apps on Amazon Fire Tablets & other devices with trusted APK downloads

I have made this video to show how easy it is to use a website called APKPure to get APK App files to install just about any app there is. They also have an app themselves to help manage & keep upto date the apps you have installed. You can use this app to sideload apps to Amazon Fire tablets (I am testing fire stick but not working great as I write this.) easily with out having much hassles finding the right apps & files and trusting that they are…

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Netflix is what me & the family use!

Netflix, it's the goto movie watching family thing I got my family into! Started using Netflix back in 2011 off & on when I had the spare money but than around 2013 just kept it month after month! I have the Two Screen package for like $10 a month so I can watch while my family in another state can watch some too. They binge watch everything but myself like sticking too few movies a week but also some TV show and/or Originals on Netflix. Netflix has a lot to… Read More

YouTube Premium Music

For music I use YouTube Premium Music the most. I pay a whooping $17 a month but I get all the music I want commercial free. YouTube Premium subscription covers playing music and videos commercial free so its nice to be able to watch without interruption.  Allowing downloading of offline music so I can listen without using up my mobile data. Auto personal playlist so I don't have to find music myself after listing to what I like and want. So yeah its a good value for the money. I'm… Read More

Movies On Amazon Prime

I use Amazon Prime to watch movies while also using other services. I like what they offer free with the Prime membership they offer. Family likes the movies too. So when not using other services I will use Amazon Prime movies selection to find an interesting or good movie. They have usually an app for all devices so you can browse quickly and find what you want. Prime offers subscriptions to HBO, Showtime, Cinemax and more but of course those you pay for monthly same as the paid movies and… Read More