Dollar Shave Club Trial Kit

Dollar Shave Club Member Book

Want to talk about the Dollar Shave Club service, products and their trial kit for $5 that I purchase. What comes in the kit is an executive razor handle which is metal, for blades cartridges that have 6 blades on them, shave butter, body wash, Charlie wipes. It also comes with the members handbook and another pamphlet in a cardboard box shipped freely to your mailbox! Check them out! Follow this link for exclusive offer:

Here I’m going to insert a video and some photos of the kit that I have received so you can see but items that I am talking about. You’ll also see in the video that I had just shaved the second time a week and a half later with the same blade and I have no cuts or bleeding and minimal rash better than normal! If you do want to possibly do a trial yourself I’ll give you my referral link in this post quick through purchase your kit and let us both reap the rewards! Thank you!

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