Facebook Vs Google: Which Social Media Platform Has The Better Impact On Business?

Internet plays a big role in today’s business. Any kind of business can get benefitted with the vast possibilities in the global world. With the globalization in the e-marketing world, any business can use the power of the internet today. There are many mediums where one can successfully promote their business for the better prospects and more profits. Though these platforms are very user-friendly, it requires some amount of ability to understand and use the right platform.

Among all, Facebook and Google have taken their places by offering various features and facilities to its users. Since the beginning of their journey, both Facebook and Google have been tough competitors. As the battle of them rages on, it can often be difficult for many advertisers to choose where they should put their focus on. Though it is right that advertising or creating a brand value on Facebook has some unique advantages, but it requires a different approach than advertising on Google Ad-Words.

Facebook or Google?

Basically, on a neutral view, one should start their business tactics on both Facebook and Google. If you want to run a successful business, then you have to approach your business through all the possible platforms. There are some similarities in advertising on both platforms, as well as some major differences.


· Both platforms have a real and massive potential audience. You will be able to reach many people at a time while using these features.

· Both are primarily PPC ADVERTISING channels. They will charge you, while you are trying to advertise through the platforms.

· Though both focus on the PAID ADVERTISING MODELS, but they also offer some free online marketing tools. You can make use of the Facebook Fan Page features on Facebook, while on Google, you can check out Google+ business pages. Both of these pages give the same specification. These pages do not need the users to pay. Even though these pages are free, they still work as great venues for promoting any brand, as well as new products.

· You just need to understand the purpose. Just think about the purpose carefully prior to promoting any product or before creating a brand value.


· Facebook usually provides a long-term session than a normal Google search session. It helps a user to build brand awareness. That is the reason most of the users prefer Facebook for sending a specific message than Google

· Facebook allows its advertisers some unique features like targeting a particular group. One can easily target an interested audience through this platform.

· While Facebook provides some traditional ad displays, Google ads offer a different approach in advertising options such as the Google Display Network. It offers GEO-TAGGING and other more features and functions.

There are many researches that show that Google is the better choice for display advertising. It has a superior CPC performance, improved ad targeting options. Besides these, it has an enormous array of ad formats as well that Facebook lacks. So, for a startup business, it is best to try both and discover which fits best with your brands.


· Facebook has the benefit in terms of familiar data about preferred movies, books, TV shows and more for advertisers to use while Google plans on providing Facebook a run for its money with Google+.

Google allows its users to collect more personal user data, and with users remaining logged in to their account as they check email, use Google+, and surf the web. A recent research expected that the user data of Google will soon surmount Facebook in terms of Value.

· Google has a unique feature that is not available in Facebook and it is its search feature. One can avail the benefit when it comes to web searches. Basically, Google is known for its search feature and regarded as the SEARCH GIANT. Besides these, the AdWords is the ideal venue for business looking to drive clicks and conversions for specific products. While Google often has a specific intent in mind, Facebook allows its users to simply hang out and chat with friends.

· Basically, Facebook provides any business a unique way to connect with its users on the social, more personal level and in intimate and friendly space. But people with a need of a more specific need like making a purchase take the help of Google.

· A more interesting fact is that, Facebook’s CLICK-THROUGH-RATES are as much as 1000 times lower than Google Campaign with the same intent.


This is known as one of the powerful advertising options that Facebook does not offer. It is known as targeting. It involves showing ads to users based on their past web activity on your website. Generally, it is a great feature that allows its advertisers to follow the users and show ads to them throughout the Google’s Large Network of partner sites.


Traffic is another important feature. It is capable of growing your brand’s popularity as well. Facebook usually tends to get more traffic than Google+, but Google is a medium that uses its focus on when it comes to drive traffic to your business.


Privacy is becoming a growing issue for internet users day by day. Facebook has long been threatened for changing users’ default privacy settings. So, in Facebook, user shares more private information than earlier. But, Google has not fared better. It receives heavy criticism for combining the separate privacy policies for each of Google’s services into one, all-inclusive new Google Privacy Policy.


Any business that wants to take the advantage of developing brand awareness and developing messages for the specific niche interest should target Facebook. But Google is the venue for focusing on advertising. You probably know that Google has a range of advertising features and many options, it can give you more specific results.

Source by Chandrani Jena

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