World Of Tanks

World Of Tanks on Xbox One is the main game I have played for years. Well I use to play on PC but then turned to Xbox for the easier play and less PC usage & wear/tear. Not a pro player but still spend my time having fun play this game! I stream it often on my live streams even though quality of the steams are not always great but you can see me play by following one of my streams.

What is World Of Tanks? It of course is a military tank game which I usually play in multiplayer mode with other people online which the game is free to play while you can also pay for premium items and access. WOT is short for World Of Tanks and lots of people refer to it that way when Talking about this game. WOT usually has 15 minute multiplayer rounds where you either defeat the enemy by destroying them all or capturing there base which is pretty hard to do. Each game varies from tanks, round time, and players. Playing for rewards, metals, skills, XP, game silver & more is why I play besides having a fun multiplayer game to play. Trying to do the best above the team and the enemy is personally satisfying!

So check back here often to see what I am posting or doing on WOT. I have embedded most of the live stream platforms on my website so you can checkout what I am streaming just from my website without having to go to the main sites and search for me and all that stuff. But if you do want to search for me my gamer tag for Xbox & WOT is: ProDarkSinner.

World Of Tanks Loot with Twitch Prime or Premium

World Of Tanks & Twitch offering Loot PacksTon's of stuff comes in the packs! Claim yours now!World Of Tanks is offering loot packs for Twitch Prime and Twitch Premium users. I have taken screenshots of what November Loot pack has offered after I claimed it myself. See below to see what I got (theirs more!), it also enabled more OPS in the game that'll allow you to earn tons of silver and XP while also earning tanks as rewards. Twitch Loot For World Of Tanks To get the loot packs…

World Of Tanks on Xbox One

Just starting this post just to test idea's of posting my World Of Tanks (WOT) game play on Xbox One. for now I am including replays and screenshots that I have taken or were automatically made. Check them out here! I'll be back later to post some better stuff. I may also make a page for games I play the sub page with the game itself with more content. I did create a page for World Of Tanks (WOT) here: The page will host recent WOT blog category post, streaming…