Google Fax Service To Send Documents

If you have made it to this article, we probably share a common desire to send a fax using Gmail. I have been receiving my faxes in Gmail and sending faxes from Gmail for the past year or so.

Currently I am able to receive every piece of information in my life through my Gmail account.

My normal mail gets received in Miami, then forwarded to me as a pdf which I view online.

My Skype messages and other voice mails are delivered as audio files, again right through Gmail. And even my faxes make it through to me by way of Gmail.

Recently, Gmail has opened up certain communication protocols which allow fax packets to pass through their email gateways.

In doing so, Google fax is now a real possibility. This is great news for anyone that needs their faxes on the go.

If you travel on a regular basis or work periodically outside of the office, you can’t be tied down to the traditional fax machine. And who wants to log in somewhere other than their email account to get their faxes.

Plus, if you receive faxes at the office, security is always a problem. Ironic how the most confidential of information is usually sent via fax, yet 90% of them print out automatically for the whole world to see.

But who am I kidding. You already know that you want to receive fax in Gmail, you just don’t know how to set it up.

Setting up to Google fax is pretty easy if you know what to do. I know tech stuff can sometimes be a drag.

Source by Matthew Gerchow

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