How to Find Expired Domain Names With Traffic

One of the easiest ways to make money from expired domains is to find ones that still receive traffic and either flip them for a quick profit or park them for long term ad revenue. Although it can be somewhat of an art to locate these domains there are some tips that will help you along the way.


If someone has spent time developing backlinks to their domain or if the website grew these organically over time that can be a good indicator of potential traffic. The easiest way to check this is go to go Yahoo and type in This will show you all the backlinks to this domain as indexed by Yahoo. While this is certainly not an exhaustive list most domainers agree that Yahoo is one of the best at listing backlinks.

Alexa Traffic Rating

You can search for a domain with Alexa and bring up it’s current traffic rating (if any). This method should be used but with caution. When a domain is about to expire it is not uncommon for many people to do research on it. If the domainer is using the Alexa toolbar this can artificially inflate the traffic rating making it look as though it receives traffic when in actuality it has simply garnered attention recently from researchers.

Overture Scores

Once upon a time you could use a tool from Overture that would show you the amount of searches per month for a domain name. This service has since been discontinued due to abuse. However, there are still sites that make the historical Overture database available. As with Alexa this can be manipulated and should not be the only metric you use. But it is one more tool that can be considered.

Google Pagerank

This is perhaps one of the least reliable methods but it is yet another tool you should consider. If a domain has achieved pagerank with Google chances are it was once an active website with links and traffic. If you want to use pagerank be sure you select a tool that can identify faked scores. It is possible to assign pagerank to a domain simply by pointing it to a more established website. If the pagerank is genuine to the available domain it could be a good sign of potential traffic. If it has been faked the score is useless.

There are many tools at your disposal for locating good domains with potential traffic. If you are fortunate enough to find these on a regular basis you can earn a nice income by selling these domains for a quick profit or by parking them for long term pay-per-click revenue.

Source by Warren Davis

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