I have got to test Axe & Suave for a testing panel. Here Is What I Thought

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Testing Panel Package with Products. Wow it's nice!

Figured I’d show something about some of the things I do so I am posting this. When I joined this panel they offered to testing products which I am a member of a few panels that do this. So I accepted the offer and they sent me free of charge these products. I had to use, test, review and give an opinion about what I felt the products are like. So now I’ll post some here about these products just to show what I thought and my experience with sample or testing products.

I liked the experience with the testing panel and how easy it was to get the products shipped to me free. I also like the products for sure not only free but gave me an opportunity to try something new from a brand I love!

So what is here in the box to test, sample, try out?

  • Unilever Axe Hair styling gel
  • Axe 3 in 1 Hydrating Shampoo + Bodywash
  • Axe Deodorant Signature Series Night
  • Suave Professional Men’s Shampoo Anti Dandruff Mint Scent
  • Suave Professional Men’s Shampoo 2 in 1 Alpine Fresh

I will briefly explain each:

  1. Unilever Axe Hair Styling Gel Messy Look. It is a great product. It does help with a look that is just a little messy but yet not completely unacceptable. It smells great is a big part of why I like it. Giving a boost to my appearance. It turned my hair softer after use and I felt I had good control over my hair through out the day. Even my beard! LOL! Yes I used it in my beard!
  2. Axe Hydrate Shampoo 3 in 1 Shampoo + Conditioner + Bodywash is my favorite because it make me feel cleaner than other products and my whole body smells fresh. Taking a shower with it made my hair and body feel refreshed instantly and then after rinsing I was feeling really clean with no sticky or clammy feeling of left over soap. It also was enough scent to not have to put on more Axe spray to smell good.
  3.  Axe Signature Night Deodorant Stick was not my thing even though I didn’t completely dislike it. It seemed to be a universal use deodorant like man or woman could use. It’s scent isn’t that strong not in a bad way but was enough to cover up any odored smell.  It did protect against sweating a lot and lasted a long time. Some days all day, some days that I did lot of stuff like walking, moving, and other stuff it wore of a little bit but now a lot. It did leave a little bit not much of white on one of my shirts but it of course washed out. It may have been that day I put it on heavier knowing I wanted to cover up stronger odor while out.
  4. Suave Professional Men’s Deep Clean Mint Refresh Anti Dandruff shampoo was interesting product because I have used WEN peppermint shampoo before and it was strong with scent. Suave’s Mint Refresh was better in that aspect and I like it more even though mint was not an idea I’d think that would make a good scent for men. But it did come out smelling ok after use. I didn’t think anyone overly noticed the “Mint” part about it but instead just a good smell. As far as cleaning it worked I did feel cleaner after use for a while but I had a different feel to my hair after it was dry. Like not really stiff but sort of stiffened like maybe it didn’t rinse out completely. I used it a few times and same thing but it wasn’t really bad because brushing my hand over my head seemed different like refreshing clean hair. As far it doing good for flakes. At first it was good but later I had some flakes appear so it did work but not all day. Over all I liked it. Not my first choice but would be a good choice if I wanted something else on top of what I have already got.
  5. Suave Professional Men’s 2 in 1 Alpine Fresh Shampoo + Conditioner I liked a lot from the cleaning power and feels to the scent that it had. I think if I seen this I’d buy it again just because I’m that type of guy. Not real strong scent but more than just lightly scented. Was impressed when out and about it having a good scent people liked. It did clean my hair but I would say I like the Axe better. The clean feeling lasted a while too like most of the day even with sweating. So yeah I’d grab this one up too while looking for a shampoo.

So after everything said this experience was fun, enjoyable and sort of profitable. I can now open my selection and choice to these new products for sure. All were great but the Axe to me always seems better.

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