JE(ATC) Recruitment 2021 | Commonly Asked Questions and Their Answers

AAI recently released a recruitment notice for various posts in different categories including 264 posts for JE(ATC). You might have a question in your mind left unanswered in notification. For an example – I use spectacles, does that make me unsuitable for ATC job?. I have tried to answer some Frequently Asked Questions about JE-ATC recruitment –

Question 1 – When should I expect Exam?

Answer – You should have a time of around 2 months after the last date of online application to prepare for exam. Last date of applying online is 14th January so expect exam in Either March or April.

Question 2 – Do I need to have studied Physics and Maths in all the 3 years of graduation to be eligible for ATC exam?

Answer – No. Physics and Mathematics should be subjects in any one of the semester curriculum.

Question 3 – I am a student of final year, can I apply for ATC exam?

Answer – Yes, you can apply and appear in the on-line examination, subject to the condition that you will produce the final result at the time of documents verification.

Question 4 – I have -8D(OR -4D or whatever) eye power which is corrected using spectacles. Will I face problems?

Answer – It should be 6/6 with or without glasses.

Question 5 – I have red green color blindness (STRONG DEUTAN ). Can a color blind person can join ATC and handle only administrative work?

Answer – Color blindness is not allowed at all in a safety-oriented job like ATC where you will be working in front of so many screens with different colored data blocks. Color blindness beyond a limit makes you unfit for the ATC job. Administrative work will come into picture only when you will get medical fitness certificate from Doctor prior to joining AAI. You can take a chance if you want.

Question 6 – What class of medical certificate is required to become an ATC? What should I expect in Medical Exam?

Answer – You should be Class 3 medical fit to become ATC. Basic tests such as Audiometry, Urine, ECG, BP, Blood sugar and logMAR Acuity tests can be expected during medical examination. You should not be worried as far as you don’t have respiratory disorder or physical disability with prime organs. Eye conditions have been discussed in previous questions.

Question 7 – Is there any height and weight criteria in medical fitness test for ATC?

Answer – No

Question 8 – Do everyone who score more than cut off get selected or is there a criteria for them to select a certain number of candidates among all those who cleared the cut off?

Answer – Cut-off is decided to select required no. of candidates for next round. Eg. there are 200 vacancies then they may decide a cutoff so that approx 600 candidates(3x of total vacancies usually) can appear for next round. Out of these 600, they will select eligible (meeting all the criteria) top 200. Now let’s say if 180 join AAI, then AAI will publish second list of 20 candidates from those remaining 400 and so on.

Question 9 – Can we appear for both JE(ATC) and JE(AO), if eligible, for the same recruitment cycle?

Answer – Yes you can apply for both if eligible. Exam should be on different date or at least different session.

Question 10 – What will be duration of initial training period ? Will AAI consider newly recruited JE to post near to their hometown ?

Answer – Duration of training will be Approx 6 months. Initial posting depends on requirement of AAI based on vacancies at various airports. They try to give you home region but it is not always feasible.

Question 11 – How many permissible leave JE(ATC) gets in a year? Is there any “leave without pay” facility for JE(ATC)??

Answer – JE(ATC) gets 12CL(Casual Leave) + gazetted holidays. LWP under certain circumstances is available. 30 EL(Earned Leave) are also given. Various other leaves are also admissible.

Question 12 – What is the bond amount a new recruit needs to pay? What if someone wish to leave job before 3 years? Is the bond amount transferable? 

Answer – You will need to sign a bond of 500000 Rupees while joining AAI (executive job in ATM or CNS areas). AAI has capped a 3 year tenure to escape the bond payout. If you leave job with in 6 months, you will have to pay 5 lakhs + actual expenditure on your training. After one year, you will have to shell out 5 lakhs rupees. If you want to quit job with in 2 years, an amount of 4 lakhs rupees is needed to be paid and amount gets reduced to 3 lakhs if you quit job with in 3 years. AAI do it to recover the cost of training. AAI spend a lot of money on high skilled training process and they don’t want you to leave the organisation for other jobs.

The bond amount is not transferable to any other Govt. Dept and PSU.

Question 13 –  What will be salary during training?

Answer – Salary will be around 50000 Rupees per month during Training.

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