DarkSinner’s Twitch Stream & Game Plays

Just setting up this page and is under development but this will be the page that host and shows the things I am doing on and with Twitch.Tv.

I will be placing the live stream to show here went I do stream on Twitch so you the visitors can see me right here from the website without having to goto Twitch and view me. This way you can if you want save the page as a favorite and again see me streams faster and other content that’ll be included here maybe like products for gaming, Twitch Promo, Amazon Promo, ETC.

I’ll probably also include other Twitch streams here as I build and make a small network of online acquaintances! DarkSinnerTrenchCoat is my Twitch name so if you want to find me just search for it.

Hey! You feel'in like watching me on Twitch.TV? You can right here!

Check me out when I do stream or watch my VOD's after I play!

So I do a lot of things as I said all the time on the internet, so streaming is of course one of them! I try to find free top notch services to use like Twitch and just stream what ever I can. So check here regularly to see my VOD’s after I play or maybe even catch me live streaming! (I am not that good but it is what it is! 🙂 )

Some Of My Twitch Streams VODS
(Hover over my game tag to see other videos in the list.)