Netflix is what me & the family use!

Netflix, it’s the goto movie watching family thing I got my family into! Started using Netflix back in 2011 off & on when I had the spare money but than around 2013 just kept it month after month! I have the Two Screen package for like $10 a month so I can watch while my family in another state can watch some too. They binge watch everything but myself like sticking too few movies a week but also some TV show and/or Originals on Netflix. Netflix has a lot to offer when it comes to entertainment content streaming. So many categories to choose and thing you can learn from or just entertain yourself with. But at times they are not up to date or the content is only on DVD but even than its not bad. Talking about the Netflix DVD plans those are good too. When I want to spare the money I get the Two Disc package which allows me to watch about 4 – 6 movies or content a week! Usually a quick service with great on demand service. Netflix has all that I takes to entertain anyone for a long while! So when it comes too who get to choose what is being watched well in my family we all have are own profiles setup so you watch what you want to watch. I like Netflix when it comes to selecting a week line up schedule for watching movies that I am able to select movies and add them to my playlist or watch later section. Netflix also gives notifications on new movies, arrivals, show & there original shows so you’re able to know what is there to watch without seeking for it yourself! So if your into watching TV, movies, series and more try NetFlix first you’ll be glad you did! Great for kids to watch too, group parties, and binge watching! Netflix offers its service on almost everything that has internet access! PC, Tablets, Smart Phone, Smart TVs and more!

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