Other Keyword Research Tools to Consider

You need keywords which are frequently used by web users, yet not in high demand among your competitors. In order to find these keywords, there are many keyword research tools out thee which you can use. Other than Wordtracker, there are other tools including Google AdWords tool and Guidebeam.

Overture’s keyword tool which used to be free and a bit more faster than Wordtracker; in terms of functionality, it was similar to Wordtracker but will not let you know how many other websites are targeting that keyword or key phrase. The tool though was discontinued; the alternative now is Google keyword tool. If you feed in one word, this tool will give you all of the relevant combinations using this word along with the number of searches performed for them. If you entered something which is not being used very much, no results will come up; this tells you that few, if any searches have been done for that word or phrase.

Google Keyword Tool gives you potential keywords for use in your SEO and marketing efforts and gives you the Google statistics on these terms, along with their search engine usage (and trends in the frequency of searches for these terms). Other features of Google Keyword Tool include:

  • Sorting the results for your chosen keyword by popularity, history in the AdWords program, cost and predicted position.
  • Simple keyword manipulation – you can select keywords individually or add a large number at once.
  • Searching for keywords in any URL you specify. The tool can also search on pages linked to or from that URL.
  • The database of statistics is regularly updated, so that new keywords and key phrases are available as they come up.Guidebeam:

Guidebeam dot com is another good keyword tool. Search for a keyword or key phrase and it will also suggest related searches. The statistics it gives for each keyword or phrase is weighted by relevance. All of these keyword tools can be a great help to those who need to perform keyword research for the purposes of SEO for their own website.

Source by Joseph Nyamache

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