Link2SD is an app that allows you too link or move your apps to a SD card. This helps to clear up space for your phones internal memory so you you’ll be able to install more apps on a phone that has limited memory or storage space. It makes it easy to do and is well worth the $3 cost to get. There are many options in this app that I use all the time. I put all my apps on a second partition on my SD card that I created with the Aparted app so I could keep all the apps I wanted to without have no space on my phone to operate right! Games, Tools, Video, Music and just about everything can be moved to my SD card using this app. I can also freeze apps I am not using such as system apps that I don’t need or want and allow my phone to improve performance without those apps running. In few seconds I now have control with what apps are working and what apps are frozen with a click of a button. Check it out it might be something that could help you from being tired of not having all the apps your want on your phone do to space problems. It can help out other ways too but I won’t talk about it here just yet.

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