OneDrive From Microsoft

OneDrive from Microsoft is included for me with my Office 365 Home subscription. $11 a month can’t beat it. OneDrive is great to store files of any kind. I use it for my phone video & pictures with automatic upload so I never have to worry about my phone crashing and me not having my valuable files. If you use Microsoft apps then you can also use OneDrive to store everything you create with in them and be able to access them from anywhere any time! That I like also because I use Excel to do budgeting with and can get to it quick even if I am not home. I don’t know everything about OneDrive but I do know it has some power to it. Sharing publicly files or just keeping your files private for friends, family or yourself. OneDrive is similar to Google Drive but it does seems to have more professional storage power behind it in some ways.  I use both but OneDrive is my first option. Check it out. Free at least for 15gb and up to 100gb if you know what and where to claim the extra space.  Then of course a cheap subscription would boost that to 1tb and that is a lot of space! OneDrive offers a organized by date for your photos & videos so getting or going back to a certain time is not hard to do. OneDrive is great and from a stable big company Microsoft and should be sticking around for a long time! You shouldn’t worry about losing or files due to service discounting or company failure so OneDrive is a reliable app to use when wanting to hang on to your personal or business files, photos, videos and more! Try it out and save your work. Even if you use another storage app or website two copines is better than one at times!

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