Live Mixer Broadcast

Yep I stream on Mixer too! Check me out right from my website you can even chat from here to & interact! Let me know what you think? I know I suck completely but it's something to do! BTW I am still developing this page/post so check back occasionally to see what might be new! Hey, thanks for stopping by I really do appreciate it! You can chat with me right here too. Just type your message if your are not logged in it'll ask you to login with popup… Read More

Live Me Game Broadcasting Trick

Hi, I see your interested in how I broadcasted on Live.Me the games I am playing on Xbox One. This should also work for many other things like PS4. I will first say "USE AT YOUR OWN RISK" and why am I saying this. I don't know that is ok to do I have bad eyesight for fine print. LOL. Anyhow what you'll want to do is follow this video and if you have questions let me know. Read More