World Of Tanks on Xbox One

Just starting this post just to test idea’s of posting my World Of Tanks (WOT) game play on Xbox One. for now I am including replays and screenshots that I have taken or were automatically made. Check them out here! I’ll be back later to post some better stuff. I may also make a page for games I play the sub page with the game itself with more content.

I did create a page for World Of Tanks (WOT) here:

The page will host recent WOT blog category post, streaming information and what ever else I come up with to create the page. Check it out! I made this blog category to post updates of my game plays but the page is basically the main content and quick & easier to read then reading through all the category posts.

Also check out my live streams & broadcast page(s) to see if I am playing WOT at the time. I have embedded the streams into my website so viewer can watch directly from my site rather than going to a main site and searching for me or having to feel they have to sign up for anything. But if you think you would like to view me on the main sites than just search for Darksinner on those sites and you should find me by seeing “Darksinner” in the name.

Live Streams & Broadcasts Page

Game DVR Videos

Game Screenshots

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