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So you want to join in on the fun & game with us huh? Well just send a message before you join any alliance you’ll get a free teleport to teleport to another Kingdom. Use it to come to our Kingdom to join us & our allies! Read rule, requirements & more right here. Think about it & get in contact with us so you can quickly grow with a strong alliance! Friendly easy going members. Click the Facebook blue circle bottom right on page and send your message or questions too. Or fill in form bottom of page! Have a good day & look forward to playing with you soon!

Hello, Welcome to yNW Apocalypse alliance member’s page! If you are a new member this page has the rules & compliance requirement of our alliance. Bookmark it & come back regular to see what is new. If you are wanting to join our alliance just message me either through this website, Guns Of Glory app or the Facebook icon on bottom corner of the screen & let me know you want to join us!

  • Alliance Compliance & Rules for members

    yNW Apocalypse rules & compliance requirement are below read and follow them. Need help contact R4 Leader.

    • Login every 3 days to stay active rank.
    • Login every 5 days stay in alliance. Could be kicked afterwards without excuse of absence.
    • NAP rules are to be followed! (NAP = No Attack other Player or Non-aggression Pact, if they have tags. Any player with 3 letters in front of their name is in a alliance.)
    • Should contribute to helping other members. Timer Helps, Donations, Team Play.
    • No Kingdom chat smack talking unless leaders know you are doing so. You could cause a battle we don’t need.
    • Communications by mail from leaders should be answer as soon as possible. Failure to communicate is probability for being kicked.
    • Leaders will be obeyed! If directed to do or not to do something then you must listen.


    Compliance is a must to be able to play as a team and to have a good game.

  • Alliance Donatons

    Weekly requirement for donations should equal what is shown in below table which is not that bad. That is only 24-60 donation button pushes a day & 5 days out of the week. If you donate to the “Starred” project it’ll give you 20% bonus to your donations! This is to help everyone in the alliance to be stronger and the alliance itself to be strong. Can be combined with Sunday donations!
    When time comes the amount may change because alliance size, abilities & alliance research levels. (each level is about 20 points than before X by button pushes) Gold toward donation is your option if you want to!
    (New members will not have to do this right away. You will be given time to build first. “New” meaning new to the game not switching alliances.)

    Starred alliance research projects give 20% bonus toward the amount in the box which is a reward for donation. There is three (3) boxes with icons in them.
    Click here to expand image example!

    • First Icon is for how much Experience points is put toward the research project.
    • Second Icon is for how many alliance experience points the alliance will earn from the donation & allows the alliance to grow in power to open new levels.
    • Third Icon is for alliance honor fund points you get to keep for yourself to buy things in alliance store (also same amount added to the whole alliance fund).

    Reason again for donations is to help build your personal alliance honor funds to be able to buy items from alliance store when needed. Helping yourself is helping others too by allowing them to pay more attention to there own growth. That is not to give the idea we are not a team, we all will still help each other when needed of course. Click here to expand video example!

    Rank 1 Members

    Donation Requirements Each Week

    12K Points

    Rank 2 Members

    Donation Requirements Each Week

    18K Points

    Rank 3 Members

    Donation Requirements Each Week

    24K Points

    Rank 4 Members

    Donation Requirements Each Week

    30K Points

  • Planning for the week for alliance

    Setting certain days for “alliance events” that we all can participate like rallies on Wednesday & Donations on Sunday (Yep just like a church! 🙂 )

    Sundays: Donation Day extra donations for the alliance research projects. If you want too.
    Wednesdays: Red Guard Camp rallies for rewards or other rallies for rewards.

    All members should complete @ least 6 Red Guard Attacks (join one or begin one) a week. This helps with getting productive rewards to build power while helping out the alliance by building points in the Halls Of Hero’s etc.

    Complete as many daily missions as possible to redeem those rewards to which again helps the whole alliance while giving each player enough items to be able to play with. Saving up for a Gold event those items needed are in the daily mission chests. Red Guard Bonus keys also if you want to grow faster with extra & better rewarding chests. Shooting Gallery coins are earn this way to its better than having to spend money to get them. When everyone in the alliance participates with daily mission I’ll give us gold coin alliance chest the next day up to 6.. Easy made gold.

  • Planning for battles

    Battle plans are unique per battle but some basics are: This is just for information purposes.

    • You can shield if not able to defeat attackers!
    • You can reinforce another alliance member while they are shielded to protect your troops.
    • You can use alliance farm as place to hide until your load is full then you’ll return to your castle.
    • You can teleport before or after being attacked either random or advanced. This depends on the situation so be careful or else you’ll be stuck in the middle of nowhere & not able to get back to the alliance hive for awhile.
    • Equip your best attack or defense equipment if you can.
    • Train troops in highest tier to fight with. Don’t completely over load your castle with low tier. It will cost you resources to upkeep them and when a attack occurs they could in one strike they all could be dead or wounded. Not saying not to train mixture of troops but have a good healthy army with strength.
    • Scout before attacking or know who you are attacking before hitting them. Last reports that were shared or gathered would be good thing to know. But at the same time keep a low profile try not to draw attention to yourself or the alliance when possible. Scout & march trials of any can be followed and could cause a random attack.
    • Keeping up with Kingdom rules either NAP or what ever seems to be rule.
    • Make sure your airship is set to the highest attack class to get the bonus boost from it.
    • Keep guardians updated for boosting attacks & defense. They work well for other things too.

    Other ideas will come soon. Just basic information here not rules on how to battle.

yNW Apocalypse Leaders

Leader’s have left looking for new ones! We have been through a ton of stuff together but the leaders R4’s have moved on due to mass merging of alliances. I have stayed behind to keep ynw Apocalypse on the map & alive. Maybe not active & is why others have left but our alliance is still strong & is here with already built power. Dedication like many of the other leaders had is what it takes to play the game. Achieve together. Main problem was not thinking out things properly like defending instead of attacking costing weeks worth losses all the way around from being able to do things such as gather to advance buildings, research & train troops. Even donating which grows alliance research / knowledge for better alliance abilities. It stopped from obtain rewards from attacking beasts & Red Guards but also from defending our own castles. One little mess up and a whole alliance can be set back month or two. Eager to attack & play is something that’ll happen but it’s something that needs to be learned that sometimes it’s just better to sit back & take it. Healing then can happen rather than complete rebuilding / training troops. So if you think you’re up for it check us out. Starting out you’ll train & build etc no attacking but defending your castles. Even during Kill Event )KE) unless otherwise talked about with leader(s). Experience building first than fight or help defend the alliance which is defending your castle & helping other team mates. Other things will be talked about when in alliance.

More to come soon! Stay Tuned!
Soon there will be more added here for everyone to see & use. Information on using building, equipment, beast attacking, battling, research tree & or events in the game. So come back & check it out!