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For music I use YouTube Premium Music the most. I pay a whooping $17 a month but I get all the music I want commercial free. YouTube Premium subscription covers playing music and videos commercial free so its nice to be able to watch without interruption.  Allowing downloading of offline music so I can listen without using up my mobile data. Auto personal playlist so I don’t have to find music myself after listing to what I like and want. So yeah its a good value for the money. I’m sure I have not mentioned everything that its capable of but that is all I know about YouTube Premium Music right now. If you do get YouTube Premium it allows you to have up to 5 additional account covered under the main price. So share access with family and friends is easy and great for everyone. My family was not willing to pay for it but when I got it and offered them access they were impressed and thrilled they did not have commercials in their content play time! So if you like music videos with or without videos YouTube music is a great way to go for the money! I will say that I actually upgrade my YouTube Premium to Google Family Plan which includes more stuff to share and use with friend and family.

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